zynga chartboost 250m idfatakahashiventurebeat

zynga chartboost 250m idfatakahashiventurebeat

Zynga acquires Chartboost for $250 million

In a strategic move to strengthen its position in the mobile advertising market, gaming giant Zynga has announced the acquisition of Chartboost for a whopping $250 million. This deal marks a significant milestone for both companies, as Zynga aims to expand its advertising capabilities and Chartboost gains access to Zynga’s vast user base. With this acquisition, Zynga is poised to become a major player in the mobile advertising industry, leveraging Chartboost’s expertise and technology to drive revenue growth.

The rise of Chartboost

Chartboost, founded in 2011, quickly established itself as a leading mobile advertising and monetization platform for game developers. The company’s innovative solutions enable developers to effectively promote their games and generate revenue through targeted advertising campaigns. Chartboost’s unique approach, which focuses on creating a seamless user experience, has made it a trusted partner for thousands of game developers worldwide.

Zynga’s strategic move

Zynga, known for popular games like FarmVille and Words With Friends, has been actively seeking opportunities to diversify its revenue streams beyond game development. By acquiring Chartboost, Zynga gains access to a robust advertising platform that can be integrated into its existing games and future releases. This move allows Zynga to tap into the lucrative mobile advertising market, which is projected to reach $240 billion by 2025.

Unlocking new revenue streams

With the integration of Chartboost’s technology, Zynga can now offer targeted in-game advertising to its vast user base. This opens up new revenue streams for the company, as advertisers can reach highly engaged players through immersive and contextually relevant ads. By leveraging Chartboost’s advanced targeting capabilities, Zynga can deliver personalized advertisements that resonate with its users, resulting in higher engagement and increased monetization opportunities.

Furthermore, Zynga can also leverage Chartboost’s expertise in programmatic advertising to optimize ad placements and maximize revenue. Programmatic advertising, which relies on algorithms and real-time bidding, enables advertisers to reach the right audience at the right time, driving higher conversion rates and return on investment. By incorporating programmatic advertising into its games, Zynga can enhance the overall user experience while generating substantial ad revenue.

Chartboost’s benefits from the acquisition

For Chartboost, the acquisition by Zynga presents a unique opportunity to scale its business and reach a wider audience. By joining forces with Zynga, Chartboost gains access to a massive user base of over 100 million monthly active players. This increased reach will allow Chartboost to attract more advertisers and provide greater exposure for its developer partners.

Additionally, Zynga’s resources and expertise will enable Chartboost to accelerate its product development and innovation. With Zynga’s support, Chartboost can enhance its platform and offer new features that further empower game developers to monetize their creations effectively. This synergy between Zynga and Chartboost creates a win-win situation, as both companies can leverage each other’s strengths to drive growth and success.


Zynga’s acquisition of Chartboost for $250 million represents a strategic move to expand its presence in the mobile advertising market. By integrating Chartboost’s technology into its games, Zynga can unlock new revenue streams and offer targeted in-game advertising to its vast user base. This acquisition also benefits Chartboost, as it gains access to Zynga’s extensive resources and user reach, enabling it to scale its business and provide greater value to its developer partners. With this deal, Zynga is well-positioned to capitalize on the booming mobile advertising industry and drive significant revenue growth in the years to come.

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