Marin Trinidad Everything You Should Know About Trino Marin Trino Marin Facts

Marin Trinidad Everything You Should Know About Trino Marin Trino Marin Facts

Trino Marin is Jenni Rivera’s (Dolores Saavedra’s) ex-husband (known as Dolores Saavedra for public eyes). Born on Feb. 15, 1964. He’s an American Aquarius. Jenni Rivera was a singer and composer. Jenni was a humanitarian, businesswoman, and spokesperson. Jenni, unlike Jose Trinidad, produced TV shows.

Marin’s biography

Jose Trinidad Marn is Trino Marin. Born in California in 1964. Trino is famous. Jose is Christian and has a mixed history. Before marriage, Jose Trinidad was unknown. Jenni’s famous for acting, songwriting, and singing.

The couple kept their connection discreet. The pair has little online information. Jose Trinidad met Jenni Rivera in high school.

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Trino Marin was a café administrator before marrying Jenni Rivera. Only his career provided revenue. Jose is a Mexican-American with a dual passport. Trino was raised in Mexico before coming to the U.S. His exact move date is uncertain.


Trino fell in love with 15-year-old Jenni Rivera, according to interviews. Jose Marin Trinidad proposes to Dolores (Jenni) at 20 and they marry in 1984.

Jenni became pregnant at 17. Rivera gave birth in high school. They have 3 kids. In 1992, they divorced. Jose mistreated Jenni and her kids. The new wife of Jose Marin Trinidad is unidentified. He remarried in Riverside County.

His professional career

Jose was unemployed when he met Jenni. Marin conducted odd jobs for Rivera. Jose was 22 when he started working as an administrative manager in an American-Mexican café.

Trino told his wife to go to school. Rivera was content and focused on her children and home. Then the conflict grew.

Three children of Jose Marin and Jenni Rivera

Jenni had birth in high school. On June 26, 1985, the former lovers became parents. Chiquis Rivera was her firstborn daughter. Teen mom Jenni finished high school. After a few years with their first kid, they welcomed Jacqueline (born on November 20, 1989). (1989-11-20).

Rivera announced her third pregnancy in September 1991. Trino’s youngest is Michael. After divorce, they fought over child custody. Rivera won custody.

Their three children are successful in diverse fields. Chiquis, Marin’s firstborn, followed her mother’s footsteps. Successful singer. Trino’s other two children became English TV stars in the U.S. and Mexico.

Trinidad Marin’s Net Worth

Jose Marin has $600k to $800k. Trino’s management role was eliminated. He said someone said he wanted to date coworkers. Interrogation revealed it wasn’t a rumour. Jose attacked a colleague.

Jose Trinidad’s family dispute

Jose cheated on Jenni’s sister. The younger Rivera sister confessed to abusing Jose Marin in 1997. Jenni’s sister said he also sexually assaulted his older daughter Chiquis. Physical assessment proved Trino attacked his daughters Jaqueline and Chiquis.

Jose Marin was sentenced to 9 years in prison for assaulting a woman. Marin was sentenced to 31 years for assault and rape in April 2006. His wife Jenni was likewise mistreated. 1992: Singer divorced Trino.

Jose Trinidad’s trial

The actress and Trino fought for a year before Jose’s conviction. The judge sentenced Marin to 31 years to life. No good-behavior release has been promised.

Trino’s family (including his children) attended the hearing (including all his children). Jose tortured and harassed Chiquis, 8, until 12. In court, she claimed, “I’ve forgiven my father and still adore him.” He might assume I’m disguised. But he’s my father.

Jenni Rivera crashed on December 9, 2012. She was on Learjet 25. The plane’s engine caused a crash. Monterrey, Mexico, was the crash site. River and 6 others died. he incident prevented Jenni Rivera from performing in Mexico. Her final recites were in Long Island on December 31, 2012. All Souls Chapel & Cemetery buried Rivera.

JR info

Despite his conflicts and assault charges, Trino Marin’s daughters are cordial. Chiquis, his eldest daughter, also attended. Chiquis’ YouTube channel. She blogged about her chat with Jose. Jaqueline answered Jose’s call in the video, then handed it to Chiquis.

Jaqueline’s father Jose was released from jail in 2017. She uploaded images of his encounter with Jose online and asked others to forgive him. Jose Trinidad Marin is still on excellent terms with his daughter, Chiquis, despite making her upbringing a nightmare.

Marin Jose Trinidad?

Jose Trinidad was reportedly released for good behaviour. On August 28, one of Trinidad’s brothers spoke publicly for the first time. The man didn’t know about Jose’s jail release. Jose is healthy in jail, he added.

Some signed a petition to keep Jose in jail. People are still angry about Trino’s behaviour and don’t want him gone. Jose can attend one of Rosie Rivera’s conferences if he’s willing. Rosie runs sexual harassment shelters.Press Telegram has more on Jose Marin.

Jose Trinidad Marin was convicted of 6-8 offences, according to reports. After several months of hearings in 2007, the court found Jose guilty of lascivious activities with minor, sexual assault, and minor harassment. Trino’s sentence was 31 years.

Jose asked the court twice to reduce his sentence and release him on good behaviour. His appeal was denied, therefore he remained in jail. Rosie Rivera revealed the assault and sexual abuse in a Univision interview. She was playing with Chiquis when he entered. He said to bring a quilt. They played love games. Jose kissed her neck and caressed her where no one had before. Chiquis Rivera said her father abused her from age 8 to 12.

Chiquis once went to the seashore with her family, she claimed. Her: “We played on the sand for hours.” His father followed her to the restroom to remove sand. His father sat her between his legs, bare. Her father molested her then, even in public.

Jose Trinidad Marin abused and sexually molested his restaurant personnel, according to various sources and interrogation. These acts got him fired. Court gave Marin many chances to comment on accusations, but he accepted everything.

Jose Trinidad claimed he’s ashamed of his horrible deeds and is getting what he deserves. He said he’ll never talk to his daughters because of his actions. Long Beach Superior Court sentenced Jose Marin.

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