Miguel McKelvey Net Worth: A Look into the Co-founder of WeWork’s Wealth

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth: A Look into the Co-founder of WeWork’s Wealth

\Miguel McKelvey, an American businessman and co-founder of WeWork, has made a significant impact in the business world. With his entrepreneurial skills and architectural design expertise, McKelvey has played a crucial role in the success of WeWork. This article delves into Miguel McKelvey’s net worth, providing an in-depth analysis of his financial standing and contributions to the company.

Early Life and Career:

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Miguel McKelvey grew up in a unique environment as part of a “five-mother collective”. This upbringing shaped his perspective and instilled in him a sense of community and collaboration. After completing his education, McKelvey ventured into architectural design, which eventually led him to co-found WeWork with Adam Neumann in 2010

The Rise of WeWork:

WeWork quickly gained popularity as a shared workspace provider, revolutionizing the concept of office spaces. Under McKelvey’s guidance as the former chief culture officer, WeWork expanded rapidly, attracting numerous investors and achieving a valuation of $47 billion at its peak[ However, the company faced significant challenges and controversies, leading to a decline in its valuation and changes in leadership.

Miguel McKelvey’s Net Worth:

Determining Miguel McKelvey’s net worth can be challenging due to varying estimates from different sources. According to Forbes, as of 2020, McKelvey’s net worth was reported to be $1.5 billion However, another source suggests that his net worth was $900 million as of November 2019 The most recent estimate by Forbes in 2021 places his net worth at $2.9 billionThese variations may be attributed to fluctuations in WeWork’s valuation and changes in McKelvey’s ownership stake.

Post-WeWork Ventures:

Following his departure from WeWork, McKelvey embarked on new ventures. He became a partner at Nayah, a company focused on sustainable building practices and urban development[ McKelvey’s expertise in architectural design continues to play a significant role in his post-WeWork endeavors. While his net worth may have been impacted by the challenges faced by WeWork, McKelvey’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset remain strong.


Miguel McKelvey’s journey as a co-founder of WeWork showcases his entrepreneurial prowess and architectural design skills. Despite the challenges faced by the company, McKelvey’s net worth has fluctuated over the years, with estimates ranging from $900 million to $2.9 billion. As he continues to explore new opportunities and contribute to sustainable building practices, McKelvey’s impact on the business world remains significant.

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