Is Timeshare Freedom Group a Legit Company? Read to Know!

Is Timeshare Freedom Group a Legit Company? Read to Know!

You might have bought a timeshare and assumed it was a lifetime deal. Or your father gave the burden of timeshare to you, and now you need guidance on how to get rid of it.

Spending thousands of dollars every year for the same location you rarely visit or being unable to use it when you need it’s not a thing that intelligent people do.

So what options are left? Exit the timeshare with legit timeshare exit companies like Timeshare Freedom Group. Wait, but Is Timeshare Freedom Group a Legit Company? If you want the answer, keep reading this article!

Who is Timeshare Freedom Group?

It is a legit timeshare exit company headquartered in Laguna Hills, California. It has several offices throughout the USA, most in Southern California, but another location in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Virginia. The company offers many services, including timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees associated with timeshare ownership. It appears they have been operating since 2010 and claims that they have helped more than 14,000 clients.

The Good and Bad of Timeshare Exit Company

To get a clear idea of whether you should hire the company or not. Go through the below-given points which contain some good and bad aspects of the company.


  • Attorneys are available
  • Ready to work with international timeshares
  • Free consultation

Attorneys are available

Timeshare Freedom Group isn’t a legal firm, but they operate with attorneys only in a few cases where timeshare exit needs legal proceedings. Sometimes, they also hires lawyers in the termination of a timeshare contract.

Free appointment & consultation

Legitimate timeshare exit companies offer a free appointment to their customers before signing the deal. The company offers a free appointment to analyze the client’s situation. It’s a good chance for the clients to ask more questions about the company regarding the timeshare exit during the consultation.

Ready to work with international timeshares

Besides many offices in the USA, it also offers services to international clients and claims to eliminate timeshares without hassle.


  • Negative reviews and bold claims
  • No escrow offered
  • Not accredited with BBB

Negative reviews and bold claims

The company’s negative reviews on Trustpilot seem doubtful enough to find the new red flags. Although the company claims that it will take 15 months to terminate the timeshare contract, one of its reviews shows it took more than 24 months to cancel it.

No escrow offered

Timeshare Freedom Group does not offer an escrow payment option but provides clients with a money-back guarantee if they do not like their exit strategy and want to quit the deal. Generally, clients prefer companies that offer an escrow payment as it builds trust between the client and the companies.

Not accredited with BBB

The company is not accredited by Better Business Bureau, and it might create suspicion enough to raise the eyebrows of the timeshare owners. Usually, timeshare owners make their decision easy by selecting the companies accredited with BBB because they are trustworthy enough to cancel the timeshare permanently.


Many people buy timeshares by thinking it’s a good investment, and some inherit it from their families. Whatever the reason is, the reality is entirely different than expected. Renting a timeshare doesn’t seem like a good option. The only way timeshare owners find to free themselves from the burden is through timeshare exit companies.

Timeshare Compliance is one of the best timeshare exit companies and offers experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. It also provides many services in the form of assurance, like a money-back guarantee and free consultation.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand whether the company is suitable for your timeshare cancellation.

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