How To Use Instagram Filters To Drive Up Your Engagement

How To Use Instagram Filters To Drive Up Your Engagement

In 2011, Instagram introduced the “Filters” feature, which was only used to enhance the quality of images by applying borders. With each update, the Instagram team strives to enhance the functionalities of this feature. Users are now able to select from 25 unique filter settings and effects.

Here are some reasons why you should use Instagram filters to drive engagement.

The right Instagram filters can be useful even if they are not viral

It is free to share Instagram filters. They are manufactured at low costs, which means every payment and return is a profit. If you create a filter, all your followers can share it. If even one of your followers shares your filter with friends or other followers, your reach will be extended. You could attract a new follower or customer. The Instagram augmented reality filters are why nano or micro-level influencers succeed in their respective industries. Due to Instagram’s constant sharing, Instagram filters will undoubtedly expand your audience. Therefore, your bespoke AR does not need to become viral to showcase its fascinating features.

An Instagram filter can make a brand undeniably successful

Whenever a brand utilizes a filter effectively, its potential for success is apparent. It is also the case that if most people are aware of a brand, it is due to AR filters. Even if you do not purchase, Instagram filters have enabled countless companies to expand internationally since 88% of their users reside outside the United States. Consequently, Instagram filters have enabled countless firms to go global and expand into all major markets where their product is in high demand.

AR Filter

A successful AR filter can significantly increase your audience without investing significant amounts. By acting as ambassadors for your product or service, those who utilize your filters indirectly promote your product. By designing and implementing a well-designed filter, you may attract more individuals to view your profile, allowing you to promote your goods to a large audience. You can construct an effective sales funnel for your business by converting this audience into customers.

Instagram Filters to Derive Engagement

It is highly innovative, entertaining, and creative to use AR technology to create personalized filters. However, even if you have chosen to create a “wow factor,” don’t forget to create brand recognition from this entertainment mechanism.

The use of Filters Should Be Result Oriented

You and your creative team must understand the purpose of implementing an AR filter: brand exposure, engagement increase, conversions, or profile expansion. The objective will determine the kind and type of filter you will need to design. It is essential to understand your target market before developing a marketing plan. The intended audiences must be identified before developing an AR filter. Are they Instagram users or followers? How would you reach them? This can be accomplished through advertising efforts or simply sharing a chain with your followers.

Consider the mood you want to achieve with your filter. It might be consistent with your brand’s established image. Or it might be a novel idea. Consider the effect that users will get from using your personalized AR filter. You may also choose the tone to use based on these factors; consider what the user of your filter will be able to do with it.

Does it have a particular angle? Can it be viewed from either the user’s or the selfie camera’s perspective? Examine the existing filters to see what consumers often prefer. Decide if the filter should be tailored to a certain event or occasion. Or will it be a timeless symbol of your brand?

Determine the platform’s promotional plan for your filter. Your personal experiences or highlights will suffice. If you have funds, you may advertise it via advertising efforts. Influencers are a great source of attractiveness and effectiveness, so you can also approach them.

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Mandatory Rules for Using Filters

Using Instagram filters to turn followers into buyers requires significant effort. Since you cannot leave this platform unchecked and expect your account to increase automatically, it requires significant effort. The following considerations should be considered to maximize your brand’s marketing potential with these filters

Be Consistent

The feed reflects your brand. Rare changes in feed style or pattern may result in inconsistent consumer marketing messages. This may impede the establishment of brand clarity. As a result, you should publish in the same manner almost every time and apply the same filter.

Overuse of Filters

Images that have been heavily manipulated are exclusive to reality, so over-filtering might negatively affect your followers’ minds. As everyone wants to see the product or the consequences of utilizing the product as closely as possible to reality, this might erode confidence. Therefore, do not over-filter and provide a simple, sleek, and enjoyable website.

Use Filters that Fit for Comprehensive Representation of Your Brand

Ensure that your choice of filters is consistent with your brand. Not only is it related to the style of your feed, but these filters will also reflect your company. Therefore, ensure they appear as you would like them to appear. In the case of a youthful and trendy adolescent clothing firm, filters that convey old-fashioned sadness and gloom cannot be used. Make sure your Instagram filters are relevant to your business.

For example, Kylie Cosmetics’ Kylie lipstick filter is one of the best examples. This is a marketing technique, and these filters will create the impression that you are manipulating your audience.

In addition, if they are not in line with your brand, they will create confusion regarding your presence outside of Instagram. Due to a lack of confidence, prospective customers may be turned away.

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