How to increase mobile app engagement?

How to increase mobile app engagement?

What is mobile app engagement?

Simply put, app engagement is how often a user interacts with your application. It is a vital part of the app marketing and growth process to keep your business in competition.

According to various studies, engaging with apps is usually the day-to-day activity of 70% of mobile users and not going to slow down anytime soon. It includes usage, purchase rates, time spent on the app, and leads. In this competitive digital world, a lot of businesses are now focused on increasing their app engagement and getting more users. However, being unclear of what exactly it is and how can you measure it, is like walking in the dark with no directions.

Engagement is basically defined as how often an app or website is used; not how many people visit. It’s actually the measure of how much time you spend using the product. It can also be measured in distinct ways depending on which measurement method you are using.

Now, what type of apps do better with the audience?

When asked this question, you probably think of your favorite app. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, for example — it can be quite hard to figure out what goes in here. While we’re sure these apps were great at first, they’re still being used today and continue to grow their user base. Therefore, apps that do well with users offer something unique and memorable.

In this competitive digital world, we are now faced with so many choices. Sometimes, these options can be overwhelming. What’s more, it’s almost impossible to determine how you actually get measured by an app. Are you a paying user or not? That’s what makes this topic so important because your app experience has a direct impact on your business model and bottom line.

In all of your marketing efforts, you want to earn more app downloads and more users who engage with your app. But how can you increase app engagement? The solution is to hire an experienced app development company in Dubai.

Consider this: You’ve built an app for your business. It’s a useful tool for your audience and has a loyal fan base. But despite its popularity, you’re not seeing desired app engagement on the same level as other apps in your niche. What gives?

In this article, we’re going to answer all of your questions. So, here are a few tips to get started-

  • Mobile App usability

In simple words, if your app is a little complex to use, then increasing engagement could become next to impossible. Therefore, it’s always advised to keep things minimal and simple while developing an app for your business. And hiring an experienced mobile app development company in Dubai can make the process uniform and seamless for your business. To begin with this, session recordings act as a direct example of how users are engaging with your app and the potential ways how you can increase engagement.

Supported by such data you’ll be able to recognize how users engage with your app and what are the possible opportunities for increasing engagement.

  • App gamification

To make your app engaging and retain more users, gamification is the ultimate solution to all your engagement-related concerns. App gamification engages users by integrating addictive features such as badges, points, and rewards. These features increase engagement by making the application fun, interactive, and easy to use. However, to integrate these features successfully, hiring an experienced mobile app development company in Dubai is crucial. From giving valuable insights to giving tips to increase user engagement, these professionals do it all seamlessly.

  • Introducing Virtual Assistants

With improvements in AI, 70% of consumers now prefer virtual assistants to solve their queries. Why? In this fast-paced world, users want their questions answered as fast as possible! Therefore, to overcome this problem, virtual assistants are being implemented in the apps for a hassle-free user experience. Moreover, studies show that chatbots can give a huge engagement boost compared to human support.

To make this process easier, hiring a professional mobile app development company in Dubai can do wonders for your application. From introducing interactive chatbots to push notifications, these professionals handle it all to give your users a smooth experience.

  • Regular updates

The mindset of the users changes regularly and so should your app. Therefore, with timely testing and optimizing your apps, your business can stay on top in every possible way. To make this happen, you need to take help from a professional and trustworthy mobile app development company in Dubai.

We hope the below tips would be able to help you in increasing user engagement for your app. However, if you’re still in doubt and want a trustworthy mobile app development company in Dubai, then, don’t wait! Contact Antino Labs today!

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