How To Choose The Best Toronto MBA Colleges?

How To Choose The Best Toronto MBA Colleges?

he GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test) is a computer-adaptive test that evaluates the candidates’ analytical writing, verbal, quantitative, and reading skills in typical written English. This test helps the candidate in securing admission into a graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance-related courses in top business schools across the globe. If you are looking to get admission into your preferred business school, this is the number one exam.


Even though the GMAT exam is meant for MBA admissions, students are not needed to prepare anything related to management. GMAT evaluates the fundamental mathematical and verbal skills that are essential for you to survive your B-School academics. Hence, students who do not have a management background must not fret about their GMAT prep.


The GMAT preparation test is the most widely acknowledged exam for MBA admissions internationally.


When To Take The GMAT Preparation Test?

Before settling on the GMAT exam, make sure to assess the following points:


  • Application deadlines and study abroad intake: You must be conscious of the MBA application deadlines and different study abroad intakes. Accordingly, you need to select the time you will take to design your application.


  • Time for preparation: Once you are mindful of the MBA or MIM application deadlines and the time needed for documentation purposes, you need to calculate how much time is required for you to prepare for the GMAT. Typically, students spend around 3-6 months on the GMAT preparation test.


  • Choice of the country: Deadlines, information, GMAT cut-off, documents, etc. differs in every country and university. You must be knowledgeable of all these elements.


GMAT Syllabus

The syllabus of GMAT prep includes four sections –


  • Analytical Writing Assessment— calculates the candidates’ capability to judge critically and convey their ideas.
  • Integrated Reasoning— measures the candidate’s ability to interpret data and assess information delivered in multiple formats.
  • Quantitative Reasoning— measures the capability of aspirants to study the data and draw judgments using reasoning skills.
  • Verbal Reasoning— measures the ability of the candidates to read and comprehend written material, correct written material to conform to standard written English, and evaluate arguments.


Why Choose Toronto for an MBA?

  1. The universities in Toronto have international affiliations with academic establishments. This permits students to attend exchange programs and create a powerful professional network.


  1. Studying in Toronto offersexcellent job options to students. They can function as interns, and part-time specialists and also participate in social groups. Many universities have their own radio stations, newspapers, and student-run blogs.


  1. Toronto offers a wide scope of domainsand programs for students curious about studying MBA. From general MBA to executive programs, students can discover a spectrum of programs that fit their profile. They propose morning and evening classes to aid working professionals and individuals with their frenzied lifestyles.


  1. Toronto has the world’s best business schools like Rotman, DeGroote Business School, and Ivey Business School which offer MBA graduates a chance to operate in industries like banking, finance, education, healthcare, etc.


Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best MBA College In Toronto


  • Fees And Benefits

You can see the fee levied by a college on the MBA programs on its website. But instead of just checking the fee, you must take into account the overall costs which will be incurred, including housing, meals, transportation, etc., and inspect whether it suits your budget. If you are considering applying for a student loan, consult the college. There are many high-ranking colleges that make the sanction and approval of the loan more painless.


Many universities provide scholarships to worthy candidates. It will be helpful if you search more about these types of colleges and apply for the same within the specified time.


  • Type Of MBA – Specialized, General, Or Combined Degrees

MBA programs are available in three formats – specialized, general, and combined degrees. Many business schools offer specialized MBAs concentrating on a specific industry or niche which affords you the possibility to sharpen your skills in a specific area and thus acquire abilities and skills which are needed for a certain industry, field, or sector.


For example, Queen’s University offers MBA to those people who are mainly interested in advancing their respective careers in some aspect of science and/or technology. If you are aspiring to specialize in a particular area, this type of MBA degree will just be right for you. You should locate a school that delivers education in your desired field of interest.


General MBA degrees, on the other hand, deliver general management skills and capabilities to work in a combination of areas.


Combined MBA programs, which are mostly four years long, allow students to simultaneously acquire a degree in both Business and another discipline like Agriculture, Engineering, Arts, Law, and Medicine, among others.


Therefore, it is important that you enquire which degree is more suitable for the area that you are willing to get into. You may want to ask which type of degree is preferred by employers in that industry or sector.


  • Curriculum

A school’s program report provides details regarding the course’s scope, purpose, and objectives and not the details of the subjects taught within it. So in order to gain insight into the program, you must review the curriculum, the syllabi of individual courses, the duration of individual lectures, and the school’s philosophy.

You may also reach the school’s alumni and current students and gain information about their respective experiences and opinions on the curriculum.


  • Placements

For most students, campus placement is the determining element when it comes to selecting an MBA college. Good and reputed colleges lure leading companies for placement and promise a handsome package. However, inspect whether the companies quoted by the college in the placement list visit every year or only periodically, and also the ratio of students placed in these top companies.


  • Peer Group

Some students may wish to study with either a heterogeneous group of students or a homogenous one. If you want to consider studying in either of these environments then investigate the constitution of the student populations.


Wrapping Up

There are many other factors like competition, ranking, recruitment possibilities, faculty, etc which must be considered before selecting an MBA college in Canada.


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