David Jeans: A Versatile Contributor to Forbes

David Jeans is a prominent writer and contributor to Forbes, known for his insightful articles covering a wide range of topics. With a background in finance and technology, Jeans brings a unique perspective to his work, offering readers valuable insights into the business world. This article will delve into Jeans’ contributions to Forbes, highlighting some of his notable articles and shedding light on his expertise.


1. A Multifaceted Career

David Jeans has established himself as a versatile writer, covering various subjects for Forbes. His articles span across finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of these industries. Jeans’ ability to delve into complex topics and present them in an accessible manner has garnered him a loyal following.

One of Jeans’ notable contributions is his coverage of the tech industry. In an article published on Forbes Australia, Jeans reported on the charges brought against Chris Kirchner, the founder of Slync, a Goldman Sachs-backed tech company\┬áThe article shed light on the alleged fraud committed by Kirchner and highlighted the consequences faced by the company. Jeans’ thorough reporting and analysis demonstrated his expertise in the field.

Additionally, Jeans has written extensively about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on various sectors. In an article published on Forbes, he discussed Intenseye, an AI startup raising funding from Lightspeed at a valuation of $300 million Jeans provided insights into the potential of workplace AI software and its implications for businesses. His ability to stay abreast of the latest developments in the tech industry showcases his dedication to delivering relevant and timely content.

2. Exploring Entrepreneurship

Jeans has also shown a keen interest in entrepreneurship and has covered stories of successful entrepreneurs. In one of his articles, he highlighted the launch of Steel Perlot, a $100 million company founded by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and entrepreneur Michelle Ritter [3]. Jeans delved into the details of their partnership, shedding light on the motivations behind their venture. His coverage of entrepreneurial endeavors demonstrates his ability to capture the essence of innovative business ventures.

3. Uncovering Financial Misconduct

As a writer for Forbes, Jeans has also played a crucial role in uncovering financial misconduct within companies. In his article on the shutdown of Slync, a Goldman Sachs-backed tech company, Jeans reported on the arrest of former CEO Chris Kirchner on fraud charges \The article highlighted Kirchner’s alleged misappropriation of funds and the subsequent impact on the company. Jeans’ reporting showcased his commitment to exposing financial wrongdoing and holding individuals accountable.

4. Analyzing Market Trends

In addition to his coverage of specific companies and entrepreneurs, Jeans has also provided insightful analysis of market trends. His articles often delve into the implications of economic developments and their potential impact on businesses and consumers. Jeans’ ability to connect the dots and provide a broader perspective on market trends has made his articles valuable resources for readers seeking a deeper understanding of the business landscape.


David Jeans has made significant contributions to Forbes, covering a wide range of topics including finance, technology, entrepreneurship, and market trends. His ability to delve into complex subjects and provide insightful analysis has garnered him a loyal following. Whether reporting on financial misconduct, exploring entrepreneurial ventures, or analyzing market trends, Jeans consistently delivers informative and engaging content to Forbes readers.

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