A Beginners Guide To Motocross Racing

A Beginners Guide To Motocross Racing

So you want to try motocross, right? The best idea is that motocross is a fun, healthy (and sometimes challenging!) sport that is growing in popularity racing suits around the world.

In this article, I’ll share some things you can do to help you get organized and get to the starting line for your first race.

Choosing a bike

If you’re into sports, you don’t need the latest and greatest bike. If you accept early on that the sport is not for you, and you will not be able to perform your new motorcycle to the best of your ability, you will have a valuable toy. Sitting in the garage isn’t doing you any good.

Be realistic when deciding whether a bike is right for you. It can be difficult to make a decision when you don’t have experience driving a model, but try to find one that is user-friendly. The engine capacity is low to make the bike easier to ride.

Find a well-maintained bike If you don’t have any mechanical knowledge, you can ask a friend who has bike experience to accompany you while you look at a potential purchase. Make sure the oil is clean, the wheel bearings are worn, the bike is overworked and not properly maintained.

The end of your local racing season, as well as new model changes, can be a good time to look for a bike, as riders will be upgrading to new bikes for the next season, so there are many sales. There should be a lot. Check out your local classifieds and bike dealers, and internet-based motorcycle sales sites are also a good place to start.

Driving a car

The same rule applies to motorcycles, you don’t have to have the latest and greatest, I would stress on your new purchase. In this case, spend as much money as possible on a helmet, your head is one of your most valuable parts!

The rest of your gear can be bought second hand, most motocross clubs have a notice board with a list of classifieds sections, various bits and pieces, as well as bikes, from your local classifieds and email. Check out the usual places.

Sexy clothes are a great idea for kids, even if they love to ride bikes, they grow fast and you’ll always be pulling out your wallet to update yours.

After getting a helmet, the order of priority is often goggles, boots, knee braces, gloves, chest/elbow protectors, followed by pants and jersey.

Walking with a club

Well, you’re all fired up and found the motocross bike of your dreams (or at least a potential one!), now you just need to go for a ride. Find and join a local motocross club in your area, they will be able to tell you when the day will be, as well as important information such as obtaining a racing license and other technical information. Before the competition.

As you train the machine, gradually build up your confidence. Take your time to master the basics of driving, then try to pick up speed and tackle some tricky obstacles on the track.

Watch experienced racers and see how they approach the parts of the track that scare you. 

The most important thing is to take your time, yes you have to push a little to improve, but if you feel uncomfortable driving and have a good accident, your confidence will be restored. It will take a long time. The same goes for parents, who in turn yell at my kids, what good is it if they’re not having fun?

Learn as much as you can about driving techniques and practice them when you’re out and about. Over time you will improve, become more confident and comfortable. As fun as motocross is, it can still be a dangerous sport, just be careful.

Before you start working on your passion project, you need to decide which body kit you want to buy. There are a lot of options out there, so I did some research for you and hope to shed some light on the process.

The main players in the body kit game are: 

Wings West, Extreme Dimensions, Kamnari and Ksenon. Ask around; See what your friends or neighbors are using. Do you like the body kit? Are you happy with their decision? Has your body kit been featured in movies like The Fast and the Furious? Why do you like it and why don’t you like it? Our friends are full of useful information in this area.

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